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Patient Zero Exonerated

New research published in Nature traced when HIV arrived in the United States and its path from Africa via Haiti.  This research also provides a timeline for the virus’ movement and exonerates Gaétan Dugas who had been identified as ‘Patient 0’. Read … Continue reading

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Need protocols? Himmelfarb can help!

Himmelfarb Library subscribes to three different protocol databases including Brain Research Protocols, JoVE Biology, and Nature Protocols. Brain Research Protocols, now incorporated into Brain Research, consists of current and updated protocols in a variety of subjects related to brain research … Continue reading

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DNA and the Ethics of Genetic Modification

Check out this freely-accessible National Geographic article titled “How the DNA Revolution is Changing Us”.  This article explores the role of CRISPR in gene modification efforts, its potential, and the ethical challenges it raises. Genetic modification has improved disease control … Continue reading

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Will Precision Medicine Move Us beyond Race?

The challenges and promise of drugs which work (or don’t) based on a patient’s genetic make-up is is discussed in an article recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.   GW faculty Shawneequa Callier and her co-authors describe the … Continue reading

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Compliance, the NIH, and You

Have a NIH grant?  Getting ready to publish?  Don’t forget to play by the rules. Publicly accessible federal data and journal articles are key sources for major studies of a wide number of issues.  Thanks to recent action by the National … Continue reading

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Proquest Resources – Maintenance Alert

ProQuest will be updating its systems infrastructure for an eight (8) hour period beginning at 10:00 PM ET on Saturday, March 12.  During this time, the following Proquest resources will not be available:  Proquest Research Library Plus (including full-text journal … Continue reading

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Need Zika virus information?

Zika virus is on the news, the topic of patient questions, and a concern for healthcare providers.  Himmelfarb Library has the Zika virus information that you need: DynaMed provides an update evidence-based clinical summary on Zika Virus PubMed provides you … Continue reading

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