Do you want full-text faster?

LibKey-Nomad-Blue-Font-1024x190.pngDo you want full-text faster? The LibKey Nomad browser extension can connect you to articles in Himmelfarb Library’s collection wherever you find them – i.e. PubMed, publisher sites, and even Wikipedia.  LibKey Nomad immediately delivers a PDF if available, and will otherwise provide you Himmelfarb full-text and document delivery options.

LibKey Nomad is a Google Chrome browser extension that links you directly to full texts of articles available through Himmelfarb, wherever you find them.   Download LibKey Nomad from the Chrome Web Store page.  After you install the extension, choose ‘George Washington University – Himmelfarb Library’ as your institution, and you’re good to go!

LibKey Nomad functions by looking at the DOI of an article, and matching it to our Himmelfarb holdings. If it finds the DOI among our available resources, it provides a direct download link or a list of full-text options. If it doesn’t find a DOI match in our collections, it then searches an open access knowledge base and if successful provides a PDF download. If LibKey Nomad can’t find the article available through either of those means, it links you to our Health Information @ Himmelfarb discovery system, where you can find alternative access methods like our Documents2Go service.

So what does this mean for patrons? LibKey Nomad makes it easier than ever to access the full text of articles efficiently. If you find an article you want to read on a publisher’s site, you no longer have to go to Himmelfarb, log in, search for it in our collections, and then be linked to full-text access. LibKey Nomad integrates full-text access directly where you find the article.

If you like LibKey Nomad, be sure to check out additional resources from Third Iron such as Browzine.  Browzine gives Himmelfarb users the opportunity to build a bookshelf of favorite journals from Himmelfarb Library’s holdings.  Browzine users are alerted to new articles and issues and can scan issues and read or save articles.

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