PubMed Linking: Changes

pubmedlinksChanges are coming soon to the PubMed full-text links to Himmelfarb’s collection.  Beginning on June 10:

  1. Find It @ Himmelfarb links have been upgraded to default to PDF article delivery, if available.  
  2. Find It @ Himmelfarb links will connect users to full-text articles and to Documents2Go (interlibrary loan and document delivery).
  3. Full-Text @ Himmelfarb links will no longer be available.


Find It @ Himmelfarb links display on each item in PubMed and can be used to access full-text articles. Courtesy of a new integration provided by Himmelfarb’s Browzine implementation, Find It @ Himmelfarb links will first check for an available PDF; if a PDF is available, it will be delivered to the user immediately. If a PDF isn’t immediately available, Find It @ Himmelfarb links will provide options for full-text access, or have the ability to request the article via the Documents2Go system in cases where the article isn’t available from Himmelfarb.  


Full-Text @ Himmelfarb links are being retired for several reasons. Most importantly, the National Library of Medicine is discontinuing this service later this year. In addition, this linking system is incompatible with Himmelfarb’s new library systems, launched in conjunction with the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) last summer, so the collection data which provides these links is increasingly dated.


You can test the changes to the Find It @ Himmelfarb links now via PubMed. If you’d like to test how linking will display and function beginning on June 10, clear your browser’s history and cookies, then access PubMed via this link.


If you have questions about these changes, please contact Laura Abate (

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