Holiday gift from Himmelfarb: Anatomy App

visiblebodyWant to study heart and lung anatomy?  Other aspects of human anatomy? Do you want an interactive anatomy atlas on your iPad?  Himmelfarb has the Visible Body Anatomy Atlas for you!

Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas provides a new way to study and explore anatomy. This online anatomy atlas allows you to view specific structures and layers from head to toe, rotate anatomical models, and explore systemic and regional anatomy.

Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas includes 5,000+ medically accurate anatomical structures and was developed by medically trained illustrators and reviewed by anatomists. This atlas allows you to explore human anatomy via multiple approaches: systemic anatomy, regional anatomy, cross sections, senses, and muscle actions.

To install, download the app from an on-campus location (or from off-campus while you have Cisco AnyConnect turned ‘on’).  To maintain access to the app,  open your Visible Body app while on-campus or  while off-campus and connected via Cisco AnyConnect at least every 150 days.

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