How do DC neighborhoods vary by life expectancy?

PolicyMap_DC_life expectancy

PolicyMap now provides access to new life expectancy data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.  This data provides standardized life expectancy data at census tract level, and allows identification of neighborhood-level differences in life expectancy as shown in this map of life expectancy in Washington, DC using CDC data on ‘Life expectancy at birth, as of 2010-2015’.

Learn more about this data and PolicyMap functionality via PolicyMap’s article Knowing Life Expectancy to Improve Public Health.


Himmelfarb Library provides access to  PolicyMap  .  To learn more about PolicyMap, please ask us, review the PolicyMap YouTube Channel, or check out tutorials including:


  • Maps: easily display data using different geographic parameters
  • Tables: View data as a bar graph or chart to compare multiple geographies
  • Reports: Run reports for predefined geographic areas or create a custom area
  • 3-Layer maps: Find areas that meet up to three criteria for site selection or to locate hot spots
  • Data loader: updaload your own address-level data
  • Data download: download PolicyMap data for use in your research



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