Epocrates Essentials App – Important Update Information

epocrates2Due to changes at Epocrates, Inc., Himmelfarb Library was not able to renew our license to the Epocrates Essentials app beyond June 30, 2017.

If you use the Epocrates Essentials app, please renew it now:


  1. Access Himmelfarb’s Epocrates page and provide information regarding your GW affiliation then click Get it Now.
  2. Login with your existing Epocrates login/password.
  3. Epocrates Essentials will appear in your Shopping Cart with charge for $174.99 and credit for $174.99 (you should not pay or be asked for any credit card information because the balance due will be $0); click on Checkout and complete ‘purchase’.
  4. On your phone or iPad, open the Epocrates app and login with your Epocrates login/password; your app will automatically upgrade with the premium content.


We realize that Epocrates Essentials is a valuable and popular resource for our users and will continue to work with Epocrates, Inc. to provide it to our users.  If you need assistance with the app, please ask us.

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