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Lexicomp: new Drug Reports search option

Lexicomp‘s new Drug Reports search option is designed to improve your drug search by providing information on if medications should be ruled in or out based on a specific condition or contraindication. Drug Reports can also search for drugs that … Continue reading

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New WEPA Interface

The WEPA print stations are being upgraded Saturday night and will have a new user interface when you next print!   The new screens will be more intuitive and offer more options.  You will be able to quickly add files to … Continue reading

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Announcing Launch of the Historical Collection!

Himmelfarb Library Artist Rendered Model Himmelfarb Library announces the launch of a new digital collection in June 2017 in the Health Sciences Research Commons, the Historical Collection. The focus of the collection is the people, places, and events that make … Continue reading

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Epocrates Essentials App – Important Update Information

Due to changes at Epocrates, Inc., Himmelfarb Library was not able to renew our license to the Epocrates Essentials app beyond June 30, 2017. If you use the Epocrates Essentials app, please renew it now:   Access Himmelfarb’s Epocrates page and provide information regarding your … Continue reading

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Proquest e-book access issue?

Have you had any difficulty accessing a Proquest or ebrary e-book? Himmelfarb Library‘s ebrary e-books recently transitioned to the vendor’s new Proquest Ebook Central platform and some users have experienced access issues. When you access e-books via Proquest Ebook Central, … Continue reading

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Need data? Want graphics?

Want to compare health data between states?   Interested in exploring data via maps, rank,  tables and bar graphs?   Check out the new State Health Compare tool developed by the the  State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) at … Continue reading

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