FirstConsult app replaced by ClinicalKey app

cknew2The FirstConsult app has been discontinued by the vendor and has been replaced by the ClinicalKey app.  Users should delete the FirstConsult app from their devices and install the ClinicalKey app.
The ClinicalKey app offers users access to full-text books and journal articles as well as FirstConsult.  Unlike the FirstConsult app, the ClinicalKey app will not install a full-text library on your device but will instead provide app access to ClinicalKey.  The ClinicalKey app requires wifi/data access in order to function.
To install the ClinicalKey app
  1. Access ClinicalKey and create personal login/password (note: if you already have a personal ClinicalKey login/password, you can use that account information).
  2. Download the free ClinicalKey app from the App Shelf, Google Play, or the GW SMHS Self-Service area on your iPad.
  3. On your phone or iPad, access the ClinicalKey app then login with your ClinicalKey login/password.  Note: you will need to access the web version of ClinicalKey and login to your personal ClinicalKey account once every 90 days in order to maintain your access to your ClinicalKey app.
If you have any questions, please contact Laura Abate (
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