Promote and archive your Research Day poster!

gwresearchdaysYou put all that hard work into preparing and presenting your poster at Research Days….don’t let it sit in a closet! Archive a digital copy in  Himmelfarb Library’s Health Sciences Research Commons and make it available to the  global community of scholars.

Including your work in the Health Sciences Research Commons has several advantages for you:

  • Your poster will have a unique URL which you can use to promote your research and include in your CV.  This URL will remain active even after you graduate from GW.
  • Your work will be more ‘findable’ and other researchers will be able to identify your research from Google Scholar.  For authors who originally indicated ‘Yes’ to archiving on the Research Days abstract submission form, this is already true.
Adding your poster to the Health Sciences Research Commons is easy. Just follow these steps:
  • Fill out the Author Agreement form with the required information.
  • Email the completed Author Agreement form and a copy of your Research Days poster to:
  • You will your unique URL which links directly to your poster.  You can Tweet, Facebook, and share the new URL with your colleagues, family, and friends!

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We can be reached  at or 202-994-8357.

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