PubMed – Find info fast with filters!


Himmelfarb Library‘s PubMed filters have been updated to help you find information fast!

PubMed‘s filters appear for every search you execute and provide shortcuts to identify specific types of articles.  Himmelfarb Library’s PubMed filters are designed to support evidence-based practice and sort every results set into these groups:

  • Practice Guidelines
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Cohort & Case Control
  • Background/Reviews
The filters automatically appear in the upper right area of the Himmelfarb PubMed search screen.  In addition to identifying articles by the study or publication type, Himmelfarb’s PubMed filters apply an English language limit.  The search strategies that support Himmelfarb’s PubMed filters are available on the PubMed Research Guide.
The filters do not affect or alter your search strategy in any way.  You will always see your complete results set first, and can use the limits (language, year, etc.) on the left side of the screen, the filters, or both.


If you have questions or feedback, please contact Laura Abate (
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