What You Need to Know About Your LGBT Patients

fenwayMedicine Grand Rounds this Thursday, August 11 will focus on What You Need to Know About Your LGBT Patients.  This presentation by Shane Snowdon, MA,  founding director of the Center for LGBT Health & Equity at the University of California San Francisco, will discuss what LGBT people experience in health care – and how providers can be as comfortable and knowledgeable as possible in working with this long-overlooked group of patients.
Learning objectives for this session are:
  • Attendees will gain a useful knowledge of the background factors that influence LGBT patients’ experiences in health care.
  • Attendees will learn the specific challenges typically faced by LGBT patients in general and by LGBT subgroups, including transgender people, elders and couples.
  • Attendees will learn personal and individual strategies for providing optimal care to LGBT patients.
Himmelfarb Library provides access to additional resources to support learning on this topic including:


What: What You Need to Know About Your LGBT Patients

When: August 11, 12 pm

Where: GW Hospital Basement

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