Is more cost-sharing by beneficiaries in Medicaid’s future?

pleasepayhereThe Commonwealth Fund just published an Issue Brief written by GW Milken Institute School of Public Health faculty examining this issue.  Sara Rosenbaum, Sara Schmucker, Sara Rothenberg, and Rachel Gunsalus describe Medicaid demonstrations currently running in six states.  These demonstrations all increase beneficiaries’ financial responsibility via enrollment fees and/or cost-sharing beyond traditional Medicare limits.   In this issue brief, the authors describe:

  • The types of cost sharing being tested
  • Opportunities for beneficiaries to reduce their financial liability
  • Penalties for not paying premiums or enrollment fees
  • Evaluation of possible changes

Read the full-text online:

Rosenbaum S, Schmucker S, Rothenberg S, Gunsalus R. (2016).  How Will Section 1115 Medicaid Expansion Demonstrations Inform Federal Policy? Issue Brief (Commonw Fund). 13:1-10. PubMed PMID: 27214927.


Photo credit: Depolo, Steve. (2009) Please pay here. [image]. Available at:

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