How often are residents observed?


How often are residents observed? 

A new study by GW researchers looks at this question in a recently published article.  In Observing and Giving Feedback to Novice PGY-1s, Katherine Tully, Jennifer Keller, Jim Blatt, and Larrie Greenberg studied OB-GYN residents during the second month of residency to assess:

  • What activities do residents report performing?
  • How often are residents observed and who observes them?
  • How often do residents receive feedback?
  • How useful is feedback given to residents?
  • Does shift time affect the frequency of observation and feedback?
Read the full-text article courtesy of Himmelfarb Library‘s full-text journal collection:
Tully K, Keller J, Blatt B, Greenberg L. (2016).  Observing and Giving Feedback to Novice PGY-1s. South Med J.  May;109(5):320-5. doi: 10.14423/SMJ.0000000000000459. PubMed PMID: 27135733.


Photo credit: Gill, Gregory.  (2011) After close observation… [image].  Available at:
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