2 Minute Medicine


AccessMedicine has incorporated a great news feature,  2 Minute Medicine.  2 Minute Medicine originates with Marc Succi, MD, a physician at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, and is designed to help health care professionals sift among new journal articles for the highest quality evidence.  2 Minute Medicine focuses on identifying the highest impact medical literature and interpreting those articles for health care professionals.

2 Minute Medicine is available via AccessMedicine; a link appears in both the Readings area and the AccessMedicine homepage.  Each 2 Minute Medicine item provides:
  • Bullet points describing the primary findings of the article.
  • An evidence rating level
  • A study rundown describing past research on this topic and this study’s findings
  • Links to the full-text of the original study
  • In-depth – a more detailed look at the methodology and results of the study.
AccessMedicine is available from the Himmelfarb Library homepage and provides access to more than 100 full-text books including Harrison’s Principles of Internal MedicineGoodman & Gilman’s: The Pharmacological Basis of TherapeuticsHurst’s The Heart, and Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine.  AccessMedicine also provides access to numerous Lange titles, videos, case files and cases, and self-assessment tools.
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