Get the latest research before it’s published!



Himmelfarb Library has found a great new resource for our students, faculty and staff!

bioPreprint is a one-stop-shop for research articles from pre-print databases, hosted by the University of Pittsburgh’s Health Sciences Library System.

What is a pre-print database? It is a database to which scientists submit their pre-published work, typically in exchange for feedback prior to submitting to journals. Articles in preprint databases are not peer-reviewed, but are heavily screened for plagiarism and other offenses.

Many biomedical journals support what is called the “pre-print movement,” although not all accept research that has been pre-published. But with the growing need for up-to-date research, as demonstrated with the outbreak of the Zika virus, more journals may change their tune.

Prior to bioPreprint, there was no easy way to find pre-printed research articles, especially since these databases are not indexed. Fortunately, now the latest research can be found quickly and simply.


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