Himmelfarb Library is excited to introduce a new resource: MedPix!

MedPix is the newest database from the National Library of Medicine.  Over 30 years in the making, this cross-platform study tool helps improve users’ ability to read scans and x-rays to diagnose and propose treatment.

Medpix is organized by disease location (organ system), patient profiles, image classification, and image caption.  There are over 53,000 images indexed in the database from over 13,000 patients.  Cases include both common and rare conditions.  By viewing the Case of the Week (COW) or by choosing a case, there are the options to either learn about the condition through the demographic and case info, or to quiz yourself with just the patient information and the case images.  For each case, there is a multiple-choice quiz to test your knowledge on the specifics of the condition, with references that link out to PubMed articles.  Future development of this resource over the next 12 months will include registration options, searching functionality, and the potential to gain CME credits.  Follow MedPix on Twitter for updates @nlm_lhc #MedPix.

Want more options for medical images?  Check out lists of image resources on our SMHS, MISPH, and SON webpages as well as on our Active Learning Research Guide.


[Image of Carotid Vagal Paraganglioma]. (2016). Retrieved from
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