Does your search engine find ‘good’ information?

searchengineHow good is your favorite search engine in finding ‘good’ information?

A new article in the Journal of Adolescent Health studied the ranking, quality, and quality of content of webpages that provide information on HPV vaccine.  In this study, researchers used Google to identify HPV vaccine webpages and then assessed the pages for both bias and quality indicators.


Ideally, webpages with high quality unbiased information are be more highly ranked in search results than pages with lower quality.  Unfortunately, researchers found that this was not the case.  Read the complete study to understand the research and its results:


Fu, L. Y., Zook, K., Spoehr-Labutta, Z., Hu, P., & Joseph, J. G. (2015). Search Engine Ranking, Quality, and Content of Web Pages That Are Critical Versus Noncritical of Human Papillomavirus VaccineJournal of Adolescent Health.


Image citation: MoneyBlogNewz (2010).  Google Main Search [online image].  Retrieved from:  Creative Commons License.
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