Full-Text Links Upgrade!

Full-Text @ Himmelfarb UpgradeHimmelfarb Library has upgraded it’s full-text linking!  Full-Text @ Himmelfarb links will now take you directly to the full-text articles requested.  Additional source options and services are displayed in a collapsible frame on the right side of the screen.

Popular features of the Full-Text @ Himmelfarb links remain in place including exporting a citation to RefWorks and emailing a citation.  A new link for opening the content in a new tab is also available to facilitate the creation of durable links.

In instances where Himmelfarb Library doesn’t have access to the full-text online, users can check Gelman Library’s online holdings via or request the item through Himmelfarb Library’s Documents2Go system which allows users to request items from both local and remote storage as well as via our interlibrary loan service.

If you have any questions about the upgraded Full-Text @ Himmelfarb links, please contact Laura Abate (leabate@gwu.edu) or Steve Brown (swb105@gwu.edu).

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