Brief Survey on Health Information @ Himmelfarb

Health Information @ HimmelfarbHealth Information @ Himmelfarb users – help us by answering a brief survey!

Starting this week Health Information @ Himmelfarb (HI@H) searchers will see a three question survey at the top of the search retrieval page. Himmelfarb Library wants to know more about how HI@H is being used in order to better meet the needs of our users.  The questions are quick and easy to answer and focus on the purpose of HI@H searches.

HI@H is a multi-resource discovery tool that allows users to simultaneously search many of the library’s subscription e-resources and databases. The Library tailored HI@H to focus on the scholarly health sciences literature, but it also includes general reference, news, social sciences, and education resources. Knowing more about who is using it and why will help us continue to improve the service by offering the best resource match.  Please take a few moments to answer the survey the next time you are searching. The survey will continue through the month of April.

If you have questions or feedback on Health Information @ Himmelfarb, please contact JoLinda Thompson (

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