Lexicomp app & iOS update

The Lexicomp app‘s ‘Interact’ tool (useful for identifying possible drug interactions) is not compatible with the recent update to the iOS update.  Lexicomp is working on addressing this by creating a fix in the Lexicomp app which they anticipate will be available within the next two weeks.    If possible, you may wish to delay updating your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to the iOS 8.2 update until Lexicomp releases the update to their app.

  • Description of issue: If you upgrade to iOS 8.2, the Interact module on your Lexicomp mobile app will no longer function properly. Specifically, you will no longer be able to add drugs to an interaction check. Tapping the “plus” icon to do so will result in the app crashing back to the home screen.
  • Steps you can take: Once you upgrade your device operating system to iOS 8.2, there is no way to roll back the upgrade. Therefore, if possible, we suggest delaying upgrading to the new operating system until a fix is in place. The issue does not affect users of earlier versions of the iOS operating system (any version 8.1 or lower).

If you have any questions or concerns about your specific situation, please contact technical support at http://www.lexi.com/support

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