Lexicomp: new tools for better information

LexicompLexicomp, a source of high-quality, updated drug information, has integrated new functionality to provide better access to information.

  • Drug Allergies in Interactions Screener – Lexicomp’s Interactions tool now allows user to submit information on known drug allergies as well as to screen for potential duplicate therapies.
  • Pharmacogenomics – Information on pharmacogenomics is being made more widely accessible via the addition of a Pharmacogenomics heading on the main section list for each drug monograph.
  • Natural Product Patient Education Leaflets – Patient education information on natural products is  available in the Patient Education module which contains 140+ leaflets on natural products including use, precautions, and when to call your doctor.
  • Lab Education Leaflets – Additional leaflets on lab tests have been added to the Patient Education module.
  • Food Interactions – Drug-food interactions information has been consolidated into a single Food Interactions field in drug information monographs; this field only appears in monographs to which it is relevant.

Lexicomp is available from on- and off-campus locations via the Himmelfarb Library website.  Himmelfarb Library’s access to Lexicomp also provides a free app to GW affiliates.

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