Activate your students’ learning

Solving jigsaw puzzleAre you revising your curriculum?  Redesigning sessions to include more active learning?  Flipping the classroom?

Himmelfarb Library has created an Active Learning Resources Research Guide to support faculty.  This guide will help faculty identify tools and resources to support their efforts and includes information on:

  • Creating online recordings – equipment and software to help you create online recordings, deliver webinars, and more.
  • Locating readings – find readings to support your instruction in Himmelfarb’s extensive online collection and provide direct links to readings for easy access by students.
  • Assessing students – find in-class and remote tools to use to assess your students’ learning.
  • Finding images – Himmelfarb Library’s online collection can provide you images to support your teaching.
  • Finding cases – access to clinical scenarios and cases which can help frame your learning objectives.
  • Finding equipment and software – how and where to access equipment and software which can be used to create instructional materials.
  • Instructional design assistance – contact information for the instructional designers who support SMHS, SON, and MISPH.
  • Finding tutorials and multimedia resources – locate existing tutorials and multimedia resources in Himmelfarb Library’s collection and link directly to them.
  • Blackboard – learn how to get more in-depth instruction to maximize Blackboard for your teaching activities.

Image: Ben-Avraham, Y.  (2011).  Solving jigsaw puzzle [Image]. Retrieved from

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