Drug Dosing Error in ICU Manual (Lanken, 2nd ed.)

ClinicalKey has reported that a dosage error has been located in the ICU Manual (Lanken, 2nd ed) which is available online in ClinicalKey.   The error is located on page 81.  In table 8-2, Drug Therapy for Cardiogenic Shock, the recommended dosages for Isoproterenol, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, and Nitroglycerin are incorrect.

The correct drug recommendation should read:


Usual Adult Dose Range


Predominant Action


1-10 mcg/min


Chronotropy > inotropy


1-20 mcg/min

>20 mcg/min


Inotrope, Vasodilator



1-2 mcg/min

>2 mcg/min





10-50 mcg/min

50-200 mcg/min




The ICU Manual has been temporarily removed from ClinicalKey and a corrected version will become available on February 5, 2014 If you have downloaded or printed a copy of this chapter prior to January 31st, please deleted or destroy all copies.  If you have any questions, please call ClinicalKey’s Customer Service team at 1 (888) 615-4500 or email them at usinfo@elsevier.com.

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