New Open Access Journals: PeerJ and eLife

Open access journals can charge up to $4000 per article to publish, which doesn’t always fit into your research budget. Are you looking for a high quality, low cost alternative for publishing your latest research? Two new open access journals have been launched in the past year.

  • PeerJ costs $99 per co-author (up to the first 12) if you pay prior to acceptance of your article, or $139 each if paid upon acceptance. After the initial one-time fee, you are allowed post one article per year with PeerJ without additional charges. If you plan to publish more than one article per year with PeerJ, they offer alternative payment plans.
  • eLife is free for authors at this time. eLife is initially being supported by the Max Planck Society, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Wellcome Trust, so publishing fees have been waived for the foreseeable future.

Similar to the journal PLOS One, PeerJ and eLife accept articles in medical and health sciences. Both journals are peer reviewed and indexed in PubMed and Scopus.

Did you know that GW has institutional memberships to BioMed Central and BMJ Case Reports? With these memberships, GW authors receive discounts on the article processing charges (15% for BioMed Central and FREE for BMJ Case Reports). These publishers highlight research in nearly all specialties of the Schools of Medicine & Health Sciences, Public Health & Health Services and Nursing.

If you have questions about these or other open access journals, please contact Himmelfarb Library Serials Librarian Steve Brown (202-994-9756; Remember, not all open access publishers are what they claim to be, so verify their legitimacy BEFORE submitting an article. For a good summary of open access compared to traditional journal publishing, watch the video “What is Open Access?”

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