MS1 Orientation Prize Winners!

Congratulations to the following prize winners!  Please stop by the Himmelfarb Library Reference Desk, between 9 am and 5 pm, to pick up your prize.
Garima Agrawal: Best Buy gift card courtesy of ClinicalKey
Addison Alley: One dozen cupcakes  courtesy of Sprinkles Cupcakes
Timothy Brady: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Tamanda Chanza: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Facundo Davaro-Comas: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Alexa DeLuca: One dozen cupcakes courtesy of Sprinkles Cupcakes
Elizabeth Doane: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Nick Ericksen: Amazon gift card courtesy of MEDLINE Amirsys Imaging Reference Center
Dannah Farah: Pass for two to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment courtesy of the National Museum of Crime and Punishment
Nathaniel Gamsky: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Robert Grell: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Allison Ikeda: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Deborah Jeon: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Allen Jian: Pass for two to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment courtesy of the National Museum of Crime and Punishment
Jaclyn Kapilow: AccessSurgery tote bag courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Michael Liu: Netter’s playing cards  courtesy of ClinicalKey
Steven Margolis: Au Bon Pain gift card courtesy of Au Bon Pain
Bernard Mendis: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Nana Yaa Misa: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Cecilia Mo: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Marti Norman: AcessSurgery tote bag  courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Aoibhinn (Aveen) Nyhein: AccessSurgery tote bag  courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Neel Raval: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Cameron Royall: AccessSurgery tote bag  courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Rachel Schoenbrun: Netter’s playing cards courtesy of ClinicalKey
Shivani Shah: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Ke Sun: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Melissa Wong: Pass for four to Madame Tussauds courtesy of Maddame Tussaud’s Washington DC
David Yang: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
Hannah Young: Starbucks gift card courtesy of AccessMedicine & AccessSurgery
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