What Faculty Should Know – Undergrad Access to Himmelfarb

As the fall semester begins, some undergraduate students may ask their professors to secure access for them to Himmelfarb Library. Himmelfarb Administration and the Deans of the SMHS, SPHHS and SON would like to remind all faculty of the library’s access policy for those students.

Undergraduate students at GW do not have access to Himmelfarb Library unless they have declared a major in the SMHS, SPHHS, or SON.  As many of Himmelfarb’s resources are available online, we expect that undergraduate students enrolled in a course in one of the three schools will physically use Gelman Library.

However, if a faculty member has placed print or AV (non-electronic) materials on reserve at Himmelfarb for an undergraduate course, we will arrange to have their students coded for semester access to the Library so that they can utilize these materials.

Additionally, if a faculty member is scheduled to teach an undergraduate class to be held at Himmelfarb, we will arrange to have those students coded for semester physical access upon receipt of student lists.  For individual undergraduate review sessions or other course-related sessions conducted in Himmelfarb Library rooms, we will issue access passes once names and class number(s) are submitted.

Should students need to borrow books from Himmelfarb, they may look them up in our Library Catalog and then contact our Circulation Desk, whose staff members will pull the requested books from the shelves.  We will let the students enter in order to borrow and return those materials.  The phone number at Circulation is (202) 994-2962.

For questions or concerns, please contact:

Catherine Sluder

Himmelfarb Library Access Coordinator

(202) 994-9453


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