Bates’ Pocket Guide – Online & App

Bates' Pocket Guide to Physical ExaminationBates’ Pocket Guide to Physical Examination is now available from Himmelfarb Library as an e-text and as an app.  The Bates’ Pocket Guide is a concise resource with quick reference information on:

  • Interviewing and taking health history.
  • Illustrated review of physical examination.
  • Common, normal, and abnormal physical findings.
  • Assessment techniques for specific scenarios.
  • Guides to interpretation of selected findings.

In addition to online e-text access, Bates’ Pocket Guide to Physical Examination can be installed on your personal mobile/handheld device as an app. Bates’ app access provides you anytime/anywhere access to Bates’ Pocket Guide as it functions even in areas without WiFi connectivity. Here’s how to install Bates’ Pocket Guide:

  1. Access the registration page and register for a uCentral account.
  2. Download/install the uCentral app.
  3. Login to the uCentral app to load content.

For additional apps, please consult our Mobile/Handheld Resources guide or ask us!

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