Best Practice app – Re-installation required

Best PracticeBMJ Publishing recently recalled the Best Practice mobile app due to a technical fault with the Best Practice app for iPad.  The technical issues with the display of some treatment options in the previous version have been resolved and all users should update to the new release at the earliest opportunity.

To install Best Practice on your iPad or other handheld device, access Best Practice then login or register for a personal account; download ‘BMJ Best Practice’ from the Apple iTunes Store; login to the app with your personal login/password to download topics and then download images.

Best Practice, provided courtesy of Himmelfarb Library, is an evidence-based resource providing disease and drug information.   Best Practice provides access to diagnostic and treatment information using a step-by-step approach and ordering potential diagnoses by common vs. uncommon and disease categories (e.g. cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, etc.) .  Best Practice also provides clinical information focused around prevention and prognosis.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Abate (

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