Himmelfarb Hours & Burns Library passes

Passes for the Burns Law Library expire on 12/1/12. 

Himmelfarb Library will remain open 24/7 until the end of the semester.

The University has designated certain areas as “study zones” for quiet study from 12/8 until 12/21.  A full list of these zones is available at http://students.gwu.edu/studyzone.

Ross Hall Classrooms– classrooms and conference rooms in Ross Hall (104, 105, 114, 115, 116, 116A, 117, 101, Lobby A and B, 227, 229, 224, 203, 237, 323, 401, 561, 529, 643, 737, 713) -are always available (when not otherwise scheduled for classes or events) for quiet or group study space.  Most rooms are available in the evenings after 8 or 9 PM.  There is no reservation process necessary to use rooms that are unscheduled. These are mostly large rooms that can accommodate a number of people for quiet study; please respect the needs of others and do not attempt to commandeer a large room just for yourself!
Hospital conference rooms on the 6th Floor– Conference rooms 6106, 6108, and 6111- are reserved for quiet study space after 8 PM every evening and on weekends for the rest of the semester ( 12/14/12).  Other conference rooms and classrooms on the 6th floor are available 24/7 when not otherwise scheduled for classes or activities.

Gelman Library– Gelman library is open to all students in the University 24/7.  Small group study rooms can be reserved in advance at the following link  http://library.gwu.edu/about/facilities/study-room-reservations

Duques and Funger Halls– these buildings and their study spaces/unreserved classroom spaces are open to students Monday-Thursday until 2 AM. They are also open from Noon until 2 AM on Sundays. The first floor of Funger Hall is open 24/7 for study space.  Check the Study Zone site for increased hours during exams. ttp://students.gwu.edu/studyzone

Marvin Center– the ground floor of the Marvin Center is available for study space 7 AM to midnight or 2 AM throughout the week.  Rooms can be reserved at the following site or directly in the space if not previously reserved:  http://events-venues.gwu.edu/studymeeting-space-marvin-center-ground-floor  Classroom and conference room space can also be reserved in the Marvin Center at the following site:  https://events-venues. Check the Study Zone site for increased hours during exams. ttp://students.gwu.edu/studyzone

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