Want your research to make a lasting impact?

If you want your research to make a lasting impact, you should add it to GWU’s Health Sciences Research Commons which was recently relaunched by Himmelfarb Library.  This online database serves as a digital repository for faculty, students, and staff of the schools of Medicine and Health Sciences, Public Health and Health Services, and Nursing to share and preserve research, scholarly work, and departmental publications. Health Sciences Research Commons is a great way to reach a wider audience with your research, and with the recent acquisition of a new platform, the Library is able to offer a number of new features.  GWU faculty, staff, and students can retain their authorship rights and can opt to use a Creative Commons license, if desired.

The Library is enthusiastic to add research posters, conference presentations, working papers, grey literature, departmental newsletters and other materials that are not otherwise easily available. Submit materials to Health Sciences Research Commons, our “institutional repository,” through the easy-to-use online form available directly from the home page. For more information, visit the Health Sciences Research Commons FAQ or write to hsrc@gwu.edu.

Please join us in becoming an early adopter and creating a digital archive for GWU!

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